Ga-Mashie Boxing Heritage Photobook and Video Released

As part of the Ghana Lab, a Ga-Mashie Boxing Heritage Photobook has been created for the project which you can view and download HERE and a video below. This wonderful documentation follows on from an exhibition on the Ga-Mashie Boxing Heritage that took place between 27th January and 4th February at the Museum of Science and Technology in Accra, Ghana.

Directed by one of our Co-Investigators, Professor Kodzo Gavua, the exhibition was all about the impact boxing has had on the Ga-Mashie community both recreationally and commercially.

While exploring the boxing heritage the exhibition also presented Ghanaian history from an alternative perspective – one that unites rather than separates people.

For more information and to see young boxers in action follow the links here: Boxing Heritage of Ghana – Youtube and

The Ghana Lab investigates ways in which the diverse groups of people found along the Ghanaian coast memorialise their past and engage with their social and physical environment to coexist in relative peace and amity, despite their historical circumstances of strife and devastation.