Resources and research

Imagining Futures supports a wide range of community-engaged research projects, led by diverse teams of academics, archivists and representatives of civil society organisations and local communities. We are proud to support our teams with not only the small grants that support them in carrying out their work, but also with some of the key project management resources that will help projects to engage their communities most effectively.

These resources include guidance on data management and protection, research ethics protocols and consent processes for participants and access to University of Exeter staff and IT support.

Please find below resources to download which can be use by Imagining Futures project leaders to support delivery of and reporting on project activity.

Research Ethics

Imagining Futures project leaders are invited to use the following key resources to obtain and manage research participant consents and help identify which consents are necessary in the course of field work.

Raising a safeguarding concern as a result of Imagining Futures activities:

In the first instance, if possible and appropriate under the circumstances, please report any actual or potential harm to the person or organisation most immediately responsible for the activity that is causing such harm.

As a last resort, safeguarding concerns can be reported centrally to the Imaging Futures network:

Administrative Team:

Principal Investigator of the Imagining Futures network, Prof Elene Isayev

Data protection and management

The Imagining Futures project takes seriously the need for all project leaders and participants to comply with data management good practice and legal requirements. This includes the management, storage, transfer, publication and disposal of both project and personal data, and the permissions granted by those involved in the research itself. Please find below some key resources to help your project to manage and secure project and personal data linked with your work.

Other project support

Imagining Futures also asks all project leaders to closely follow guidance provided concerning Covid-19 safety in the course of fieldwork, and also to ensure gender equality guidelines in the design and delivery of all research project work. Project leaders are asked to agree to carry out their project work in accordance with the following policy documents.

Please contact the Imagining Futures project team at for further information on using these resources, as well as for assistance for project leaders to configure access to other University of Exeter IT resources which can assist you in leading your projects.