Zena Abdulrahman Musa


Nubian Rights Forum

Zena Abdulrahman Musa is a programmes officer for the Nubian Rights Forum Citizenship Paralegal Program and other projects that are undertaken at the Nubian Rights Forums. She joined Nubian Rights forum in 2013 as a community-based paralegal. In 2015, she was appointed as the head paralegal and 2 years later she was appointed as the program officer/assistant project manager. In 2021 she worked with the Rethinking Relationships team on a museum-based project which provided access to their material cultural heritage Where she did research and educated her community. Again in 2021 she worked with the Imaging Future through Un/Archived Pasts on a project called Tracing Nubian Archives. Tracing Nubian Archives was an intergenerational, cross-cultural project that used African archival practices to engage with the Nubian community in Kenya.  The project worked with Nubian objects held in U.K. museums, Kenyan landscapes (including WW1 battlefields), Nubian elder archives and oral histories that developed a flexible Nubian archive that told the story of their rich cultural history. The project used mobile film records that served both as a community record and a counter to our story’s previous erasure.