People Category: Research Partners

Ndesumbuka Merinyo

Ndesumbuka Merinyo is an artist, writer, designer and researcher in culture. He has published four books and various articles in ... Read moreRead more

Ramlat Hassan Tamim

Ramlat Hassan Tamim is a self-employed Fashion designer, Artist and YouTuber. She has a diploma in Videography from Kibera Town ... Read moreRead more

Zahra Khalid

Zahra Khalid is an accountant/ paralegal for the Nubian Rights Forum Citizenship Paralegal Program. She has a Bachelor’s of Commerce from Kenya College of Accountancy University. She Joined in 2013 ... Read moreRead more

JC Niala

JC Niala (IF sub-project leader) is an anthropologist, curator and historian with an interest in African collections held in European ... Read moreRead more

Camillo Boano

Camillo Boano is Professor of Urban Design and Critical Theory at The Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU) and professor of ... Read moreRead more

Laura Madokoro

Laura Madokoro’s research explores the history of migrants, refugees, humanitarians and state authorities in shaping the possibilities and experiences of ... Read moreRead more

Tawny Paul

Tawny Paul is Director of the Public History Initiative at UCLA and a social historian of Britain and the Atlantic ... Read moreRead more

Ceri Ashley

More to followRead more

Ali Khodr

Ali Khodr is an architect, urban designer, and historian whose work intersects research, education, and practice. He completed his Master ... Read moreRead more

Aqeel Abdulla

Aqeel is a lecturer of Drama at the University of Exeter, and the founder and director of Yalla Arts, a ... Read moreRead more