People Category: Research Partners

Tawny Paul

Tawny Paul is Director of the Public History Initiative at UCLA and a social historian of Britain and the Atlantic ... Read moreRead more

Batoul Yassine

Batoul Yassine is an urban designer and architect. She is a research coordinator at the Beirut Urban Lab, American University ... Read moreRead more

Edwar Hanna

Edwar Hanna brings to the IF Phase 2 project over 8 years’ experience in the non-profit sector working with UN ... Read moreRead more

Elizabeth Wright

Working in the public realm, Elizabeth has been commissioned to make both temporary and permanently sited art projects. Collaborating with ... Read moreRead more

Louisa Minkin

Louisa Minkin is an artist based in London UK. She is a Reader in Visual Art Practices and Research into ... Read moreRead more

Nour Harastani

Nour Harastani is an architect and urban researcher with a background in social housing and informality. She is a DAAD ... Read moreRead more

Festo W. Gabriel

Festo W. Gabriel is a Senior Lecturer of History and Heritage Studies, at Ruaha Catholic University in Tanzania. He has ... Read moreRead more

Horst G H Kleinschmidt

Horst is the Vice President of the National Union of South African Students; Assistant to Dr. Beyers Naudé, Director of ... Read moreRead more

Ivan Nyamasekpor

Ivan Korbla Elinam Nyamasekpor is a Research Assistant on National Service with AG Leventis Digital Resource Centre for African Culture ... Read moreRead more

Mark Kaplan

Director, Mark J Kaplan is one of South Africa’s foremost documentary filmmakers. He was held in solitary confinement and deported ... Read moreRead more

Samar Maqusi

Samar is a Research Associate at CEGE, University College London (UCL), working with the RELIEF centre, where she is researching ... Read moreRead more

Tom Western

Tom Western is Lecturer in Social and Cultural Geography at UCL, working on creative citizenships and migratory activisms. A musician ... Read moreRead more