Creative Archiving of Socio-ecological and Socio-cultural knowledge & practices of Lateritic Landscapes of Central Konkan (Bio-cultural documentation of Konkan Sadas)

Photo Captions: 1) Local women working in rice fields on Lateritic plateau ; 2) Mass flowering of Dipcadi concanense-critically endangered- ; 3) Endemic endangered Corynandra chelidonii mass flowering on Latertic Plateau-; 4) Vernacular seasonal huts with kitchen garden built on Sada5) Endemic endangered Corynandra chelidonii-Calandine Spider flower mass flowering next to Rice field on Lateritic Plateau. Copyright 1-4 Neha Rane & Saili Datar; 5 Neha Rane



Subject Experts:

Prateik More (Mammal & Butterfly expert & wildlife photographer)

Synopsis and Position

Rocky plateaus (Sada) in the Konkan region are specialized unique habitats exhibiting high level of endemic biodiversity of flora& fauna and support range of livelihood and dependencies. Additionally, these plateaus are rich in archaeological Geoglyphs/Petroglyphs and are part of sacred living cultural landscape of local communities. Mining, Destructive development projects, irreversible change of landuse, quarrying, monoculture plantations of resource intensive crops are some other prominent threats to these plateaus in absence of suitable policy and regulation.

The research project aims to employ an integrated approach of ecology, cultural studies, archaeology and sociology to understand the living Socio-cultural and Socio-ecological association of local communities with Lateritic ecosystems.

Objectives and Methods

The objective of the project are as follows:

    1. Document the traditional knowledge, practices, lesser known narratives and cultural connections of local communities with the Lateritic Plateau Landscape;
    2. Document and highlight the ecological connections and dependencies of local communities with lateritic plateaus;
    3. Assess the present and future livelihood potential of this ecosystem for the local communities and stakeholders through studies & public participation and
    4. Formulate creative multimedia archive of collective knowledge & insights and make it publicly available.

The information will be sought through interviews of knowledgeable individuals, joint field visits, photographic and audio-visual documentation, mapping and secondary research.

Workshops and Events

    • Local stakeholders workshop- July/August 2023
    • Biodiversity Festival – August/September 2023


    • Literature review
    • Identification of Knowledgeable Individuals from the local communities.
    • Interviews and Field visits every month based on season calendar
    • Focus Group Discussions
    • Mapping of Geoglyphs & important cultural, ecological sites

Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India