Theme: Phase 2 Funding

The Legacy of Permanent Temporariness

Location Kakuma, Turkana, Kenya Synopsis and Position Refugee camps are imagined as ephemeral spaces, yet they often endure for decades. ... Read moreRead more

Ndanda Archive Project

The Ndanda Abbey archive today, built around 1999 Location Ndanda (Masasi Mtwara), Peramiho (Songea), Tanzania Synopsis and Position Ndanda is ... Read moreRead more

Nursing Nostalgia: Archival traces and the social lives of Zimbabweans in Britain

Location UK and Zimbabwe Synopsis and Position This project seeks to engage people as living archives, centring histories and narratives ... Read moreRead more

Archivo Vivo [Living archive]: weaving gender (hi)stories of urban reclamation in Moravia

Fragile Map of Hope by Dubián Monsalve. Exhibition Three views of confinement, CDCM, 2020. Location Medellin, Colombia Synopsis and Position ... Read moreRead more

Prisoners of Love: Affect, containment and alternative futures

Connecting UK museum collection items with home and diasporic communities through virtual visits and art practices. Handling visit to Pitt ... Read moreRead more

Archiving performances, dances and oral traditions of Luo community

Traditional Luo Homestead, Kisumu Museum Kenya ©George Juma Ondeng 2022 Location Kisumu City, Kisumu County Kenya Synopsis and Position The ... Read moreRead more

Archiving 50,000 years of eruptive history to raise volcanic risk awareness in Arequipa, Peru

An INGEMMET scientist in front of the stratigraphic section that the project will immortalize. ©J. Morin/ ERC Imagine Location Arequipa, ... Read moreRead more

History Closer to the Ngoni People

History Closer to the People Location Peramiho, Songea-Ruvuma Region in Tanzania Synopsis and Position The Ngoni people are one of ... Read moreRead more

Archiving Resistance: Artefacts of Transnational Occupation

©Manu Luksch Location Kolkata, Delhi, Patna, Ranchi; India and London; UK Synopsis and Position The project curated artefacts from two ... Read moreRead more

Restoring territory and memory: displays of visual archives in Michoacán

Photographic exhibit by Prisciliano Diego, Pamatácuaro, Los Reyes, Michoacán, México. April 2017 ©Gabriela Zamorano Location Meseta Purhépecha region, Michoacán, México ... Read moreRead more

Digitization of Herbarium Collections from the College of African Wildlife Management to Enhance Learning and Research

Herbarium cabinets with doors opened showing the stored specimens [Left] and well-mounted specimen on acidic mounting sheet [Right] Copyright © ... Read moreRead more

Connecting Archives, Connecting People

Photographs including a letter showing personal information from BIAA archive. ©BIAA_PH15368 Location BIAA, Ankara, Türkiye   BILNAS, London, UK   Other Project ... Read moreRead more

Living Biocultural Archives: “Collective Archivism”

Living Biocultural Archives: “Collective Archivism” Ingredients of Santo Domingo ©Daniela Sclavo Location Santo Domingo Tomaltepec, Oaxaca, México The dam and ... Read moreRead more

Seeing Berlin Anew

Location Berlin, Germany Synopsis and Position ‘Seeing Berlin Anew’ is a project that aims to document the experience and perspective ... Read moreRead more

Living and archiving Sotuta’s foodways

Woman sharing the medical recipe book she wrote of effective remedies and the people she has cured. © Olin Moctezuma-Burns ... Read moreRead more

Reviving the Nubian language

The Project Team © JC Niala Location Nairobi, Kenya Synopsis and Position Reviving the Nubian Language is a project aimed ... Read moreRead more

Ghana’s Analogue Video Film Digitization, Archiving and Repository Project.

Location Kumasi, Accra, Takoradi Synopsis and Position Pioneer video filmmakers in Ghana have their cultural products on analogue formats such ... Read moreRead more

Creative Archiving of Socio-ecological and Socio-cultural knowledge & practices of Lateritic Landscapes of Central Konkan (Bio-cultural documentation of Konkan Sadas)

Photo Captions: 1) Local women working in rice fields on Lateritic plateau ; 2) Mass flowering of Dipcadi concanense-critically endangered- ... Read moreRead more

Archiving COVID-19 Heritage in Ho Chi Minh City

A makeshift roadblock functions as a cordon sanitaire during the fourth wave of COVID-19 in district 5, Ho Chi Minh ... Read moreRead more

Este Lugar Tiene Muchas Historias / Lajtre Yuduxh Rextiixni

El Calvario, one of Mitla’s heritage sites with ‘muchas historias’ (many histories) Hilary Morgan V. Leathem © 2018 Location San ... Read moreRead more

We Come from the Past: Orality, Indigeneity and the Flow of Culture

Jen Crawford and Paul Collis at the overflow of the Barka / Darling River, North Bourke, September 15, 2022 ©Paul ... Read moreRead more

Producing a manageable historical archive for Andean communities

Accounts book 1615-1770, Chipao Parish, Sondondo Valley, Ayacucho, Peru. ©French Institute of Andean Studies (IFEA) Location Sondondo Valley, Ayacucho, Peru ... Read moreRead more