The Role of Tanzanian Myths in Conservation of Natural Resources



Dodoma Region – Mpwapwa district

Mara region – Butiama district

Tanga region – Lushoto District


Myth is one of the branches of oral literature that has been researched by several literary scholars. It is a very significant and supreme genre, which portrays the richness of the oral literature knowledge / indigenous knowledge. Myth fulfils in primitive culture an indispensable function: it expresses, enhances, and codifies belief; it safeguards and enforces morality; it guarantees for the efficiency of ritual and contains practical rules for the guidance of man. Myth is thus a vital ingredient in human existence and civilization. One of the roles of myth is to safeguard environment; natural resources, which is reflected in traditional and social practices that enforces rules and regulations of conserving natural environment. These include traditional beliefs, rituals and taboos. Myths consist of narratives that play a vital role of preserving environment in a traditional way. However, despite the fact that various scholars have dealt with myth, information of myth and environment conservation is limited. The project therefore, attempts to examine roles of Tanzanian Myths in safeguarding natural resources and archive this vital information.


The general objective of the project is to study and document the roles of Tanzanian Myths in safeguarding environment. To achieve the main objective, this project is specifically intending:

i. To identify myths that are environmentally friendly.

ii. To examine the influence of traditional beliefs and taboos in enforcing rules and regulations for environmental preservation

iii. To examine contribution of Tanzanian myths in conservation of natural resources.

The study will involve interview, site visitation whereby observations can take place and group discussion


The proposed dates for data collection

  • Dodoma region (Mpwapwa) 31 May- 4 June 2021
  • Mara region (Butiama) 28th June- 2nd July 2021
  • Tanga region (Lushoto) 7th July-9th July 2021


Data Collection

Dodoma, Tanzania

Mara Region, Tanzania

Tanga Region, Tanzania