The un-archived horrors of slavery at Fort Patiko: Rethinking the historical narratives of slavery and slave trade in post-conflict northern Uganda

welcome to Bakers Fort Patiko

Fort Patiko, Gulu, Northern Uganda


The proposed project intends to rethink the un-archived memories of slavery and slave trade at Fort Patiko in post-conflict northern Uganda. Fort Patiko or Baker’s Fort, constructed in 1872 by Sir Samuel Baker was used by the Equatorial province governors namely; Sir Charles Gordon and Emin Pasha.  This project intends to archive memories, activities, and architecture associated with slave trade at Fort Patiko from slave capture, the period of custody at Patiko, preparation of slaves for onward trekking to create a repository for showing the way of life at Patiko Fort during the slave trade. 


  1. To create an archive of the hidden legacies of slavery in northern Uganda at Fort Patiko.  
  2. Examine the un archived story of the slavery and slave trade in post-conflict situation. 
  3. Enhance understanding and empathy to reduce inter and intra-community conflict for sustainable peace. 

The research methods include use of primary data from oral stories, performative orality exploration, focus group discussions and observation. While secondary data will be obtained from existing written records in Libraries like the Uganda Society Library at the Uganda National Museum.  


  • Exhibition and research dissemination (Feb 2022) 


  1. Ethical clearance and organising the research team (June 2021) 
  2. Survey to establish quantity, quality, extent, formats and condition of existing information related to the project (June 2021) 
  3. Community engagement (July-Aug 2021) 
  4. Fieldwork; Collection of oral narratives and performances (Sept-Oct 2021) 
  5. Focus group discussions (Nov-Dec 2021) 
  6. Mapping and photography of the Patiko landscape (Jan 2022) 
  7. Exhibition and research dissemination (Feb 2022) 
  8. Report writing and designing sustainability plan (March 2022) 

Gulu - Patiko Rd, Uganda