People and Partners

Ali Khodr

Ali Khodr is an architect, urban designer, and historian whose work intersects research, education, and practice. He completed his Master ... Read moreRead more

Horst G H Kleinschmidt

Horst is the Vice President of the National Union of South African Students; Assistant to Dr. Beyers Naudé, Director of ... Read moreRead more

Leventis Digital Resource Centre at the University of Ghana (LDRC), Accra, Ghana

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London Urban Lab, UCL, London, UK

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Lindi Regional Commission, Lindi, Tanzania

Lindi Region is one of Tanzania's 31 administrative regions. The regional capital is the municipality of Lindi. According to the ... Read moreRead more

Laura Madokoro

Laura Madokoro’s research explores the history of migrants, refugees, humanitarians and state authorities in shaping the possibilities and experiences of ... Read moreRead more

MajiMaji War Museum, Songea, Tanzania

February 27 is memorable to the people of Songea, Tanzania, as it is on this day that German colonial rulers ... Read moreRead more

Mkuta Majuto Swedi

Mkuta is a recent graduate of the University of Dar Es Salaam, Bachelor of Arts in Archeology and Geography. Mkuta ... Read moreRead more

Jala Makhzoumi

Jala is an adjunct professor of Landscape Architecture at the American University of Beirut, co-founder, and president of the Lebanese ... Read moreRead more

Samar Maqusi

Samar is a Research Associate at CEGE, University College London (UCL), working with the RELIEF centre, where she is researching ... Read moreRead more