Restoring territory and memory: displays of visual archives in Michoacán

Phase 2 Funding
Photographic exhibit by Prisciliano Diego, Pamatácuaro, Los Reyes, Michoacán, México. April 2017 ©Gabriela Zamorano Location Meseta Purhépecha region, Michoacán, México ... Read more

Reviving the Nubian language

Phase 2 Funding
The Project Team © JC Niala Location Nairobi, Kenya Synopsis and Position Reviving the Nubian Language is a project aimed ... Read more

Salvaging Remnants of Ghana’s Osofo Dadzie Television Drama Series

Phase I Funding
Salvaging Remnants of Ghana's Osofa Dadzie Television Drama Series © Rebecca Ohene-Asah 2021 LOCATION Ghana Broadcasting Corporation-Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi (Ghana) ... Read more

Seeing Berlin Anew

Phase 2 Funding
Location Berlin, Germany Synopsis and Position ‘Seeing Berlin Anew’ is a project that aims to document the experience and perspective ... Read more

Survival and Legacy of Trans-generational Memories of Colonialism In Mgao, Mtwara-Tanzania

Phase I Funding

The project was about advancing a recent encounter with transgenerational memories of colonialism at Mgao village in the Mtwara region to the young generation particularly those within the school environment aged 7-18 years old to archive their understanding of colonialism.

Tanzanian Dressing Traditions: Documentation and Digitization of disappearing legacies and emerging patterns

Phase I Funding

This research project aims at addressing the lack of knowledge and appreciation of the dressing cultures and lifestyles in Tanzania. Researching into traditional costume design practice and the accompanying cultural industries will open a glimpse into a hitherto untapped and unappreciated knowledge base.

The Legacy of Permanent Temporariness

Phase 2 Funding
Location Kakuma, Turkana, Kenya Synopsis and Position Refugee camps are imagined as ephemeral spaces, yet they often endure for decades. ... Read more

The Righteous Revolutionary

The project is mainly a production of a documentary film titled: The Righteous Revolutionary, based on the story of the Reverend Beyers Naude. 

The Role of Tanzanian Myths in Conservation of Natural Resources

Phase I Funding
Focus group discussion on the Sanga ya nzelu dam after the disappearance of a mythical snake at kimagai village Mpwapwa ... Read more

The un-archived horrors of slavery at Fort Patiko: Rethinking the historical narratives of slavery and slave trade in post-conflict northern Uganda

Phase I Funding
Aerial view of Fort Patiko showing the architectural structures that included the grain and ammunition stores LOCATION Fort Patiko, Gulu, ... Read more