Archiving the endangered traditional herbal medicinal knowledge and practices among multi-ethnic groups in Songea district, southern Tanzania

LOCATION Songea District, Ruvuma Region, Tanzania SYNOPSIS AND POSITION Traditional African medicine (TAM) was an advanced sector in the continent ... Read more

Chagga Traditional Songs as Archives of African Traditional Knowledge

From left to right: Assistant PI (Valence Silayo), PI (Nicholaus Kavishe) and participants from MMEKU Arts Group (Peter Mushi and ... Read more

Digitalising Turkey’s Botanical Heritage

Ilgın Deniz Can (middle) & Barış Uğurman (left) working on specimens cleaning and mounting. Cleaned specimen before & after (top ... Read more

Embracing the past: Professionals and Indigenous People Dialogue on Historical Sites in Southern Tanzania

Tanzanian professional historians and heritage experts have taken an active position in explaining the wealth and importance of historical and heritage sites.

Food, Hospitality, and the Micro-cultures of Syria

This is a pilot project for a much bigger one on the everyday micro-cultures of Syria, and the importance of studying and archiving them for any post-war reconciliation and society rebuilding efforts.

Futures Through Underwater Pasts: the Search for Mongalo

The Futures Through Underwater Pasts: the Search for Mongalo is a project funded by a grant from the AHRC Network Plus Rising from the Depth Sites. This project aims to combine two Network Plus groups, the maritime archaeology of Rising from the Depths with the memory research of Imagining Futures.

In Search of LA

LOCATION Los Angeles, California, United States OURTEAM Tawny Paul Douglas Barrera Katherine Kapsidelis SYNOPSIS AND POSITION In Search of LA ... Read more

Iraqi Protest Art and Alternative Visions of the Past

A mural in Tahrir Square in Baghdad depicting two Assyrian lamassus protecting the ‘Turkish Restaurant’ building that had been taken ... Read more

Mental Map: A way to access information from the Maji Maji war victims in southern Tanzania

LOCATION Kilwa, Ndanda and Sonega, Tanzania SYNOPSIS AND POSITION The study will add mental mapping which has not been widely ... Read more

Network Training Workshop; Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College, Tanzania

LOCATION Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College, Dar es Salaam Tanzania OURTEAM Nancy Rushohora, Stellenbosch University and University of Dar ... Read more