In Search of LA

LOCATION Los Angeles, California, United States OURTEAM Tawny Paul Douglas Barrera Katherine Kapsidelis SYNOPSIS AND POSITION In Search of LA ... Read more

Iraqi Protest Art and Alternative Visions of the Past

Phase I Funding
A mural in Tahrir Square in Baghdad depicting two Assyrian lamassus protecting the ‘Turkish Restaurant’ building that had been taken ... Read more

Lebanese Yawmiyat (diaries): Archiving unfinished stories of spatial violence

Phase I Funding
Region 1
Theme 2

This essay is part of the research project ‘Imagining Futures through Un/Archived Pasts’ led by the University of Exeter, UK and focused on ungrounding multiple forms of violence and their imbrications in the urban space of Beirut in Lebanon. Specifically, examining the aftermath of the port’s explosion in 2020 and the ongoing political and socio-economic crises, we chased individual narratives and spatial trajectories of everyday life struggles. We aimed to foreground an alternative representation of living archives, where an assemblage of stories, memories, perceptions, everyday practices, and their relations continuously shape the urban space.

Living and archiving Sotuta’s foodways

Phase 2 Funding
Woman sharing the medical recipe book she wrote of effective remedies and the people she has cured. © Olin Moctezuma-Burns ... Read more

Living Biocultural Archives: “Collective Archivism”

Phase 2 Funding
Living Biocultural Archives: “Collective Archivism” Ingredients of Santo Domingo ©Daniela Sclavo Location Santo Domingo Tomaltepec, Oaxaca, México The dam and ... Read more

Mental Map: A way to access information from the Maji Maji war victims in southern Tanzania

Phase I Funding
Maji Maji War zone in Tanzania LOCATION Kilwa, Ndanda and Sonega, Tanzania SYNOPSIS AND POSITION The study will add mental ... Read more

Multivocality and Egalitarian Representation of Slavery Heritage in Mikindani and Pangani Towns in Tanzania

Phase I Funding
Mikindani Town & Focus Group Discussion with a women's group in Mikindani LOCATION Mikindani and Pangani Historic Towns in Tanzania ... Read more

Ndanda Archive Project

Phase 2 Funding
The Ndanda Abbey archive today, built around 1999 Location Ndanda (Masasi Mtwara), Peramiho (Songea), Tanzania Synopsis and Position Ndanda is ... Read more

Network Training Workshop; Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College, Tanzania

LOCATION Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College, Dar es Salaam Tanzania OURTEAM Nancy Rushohora, Stellenbosch University and University of Dar ... Read more

Nursing Nostalgia: Archival traces and the social lives of Zimbabweans in Britain

Phase 2 Funding
Location Zimbabwe and Britain  Synopsis and Position This project seeks to engage people as living archives, centring histories and narratives ... Read more