Tracing Nubian Archives through time in Kenya & in the U.K.

Phase I Funding
Tracing Nubian Archives through time in Kenya & the UK: Research Team LOCATION Kibos, Nairobi, Salaita - Kenya London - ... Read more

Traditional storytelling as an archive under threat

Phase I Funding
LOCATION Dar Es Salaam, Kinondoni District, Tanzania SYNOPSIS AND POSITION The contextual and historical influences on storytelling and story taking ... Read more

Vernacular Songs as Archives and Modes of Social Redress in Jamestown, Accra

This project seeks to document and study age-old sacred, secular, and ceremonial vernacular songs, including dirges, as archives of public history and to and develop an inventory of these songs.

We Come from the Past: Orality, Indigeneity and the Flow of Culture

Phase 2 Funding
Jen Crawford and Paul Collis at the overflow of the Barka / Darling River, North Bourke, September 15, 2022 ©Paul ... Read more

Yarmouk Camp: A Story Unfolded

Eight kilometers south of Damascus city center located Yarmouk camp, the biggest unofficial Palestinian refugee camp comparing to 12 others in Syria and 68 camps in the Middle East.